Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Flu Bug Has Left The House!

The kids have all been sick lately. Emma started with the flu Saturday night. We were up until 4 am before she could finally sleep. Then Grady started in with it at 5:30 am. No sleep for mom that night! Sunday night, Eran started in with it, then Payge got it Monday night. It was awful! Emma just barely got over it and was finally able to start eating again. I ended up coming home from school on Monday night because Grady called me. Emma was in complete hysterics. I could hear her in the background so of course, mom-instincts kicked in and I came home. Serves me right for leaving while she was sleeping.

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow is October all ready! That means in 2 months it will be Christmas. Time for us to stress over gifts for the kids again. Ugh! I love the holidays, but they are such a stressful time for us. I'm looking forward to when school is over and we actually have money to give the kids a Christmas that they deserve.


Janessa Couch said...

It is not fun when the flu bug hits. I am glad that it is finally gone for you guys. I feel the same way about Christmas. I love it, but it is so dang stressful. The thing though is if you did have money to buy things, they would want something different anyways. :) That is at least how it is around our neck of the woods.

Marie Lundeen said...

I never thought of it that way Janessa, but you're right. The more money you have, the bigger or more expensive things the kids want. LOL

OUR FAMILY said...

Love your blog its so cute