Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day of Pre-School

Payge started Pre-School today! It was so strange to have only one child home for 3.5 hours, but at the same time, it was HEAVEN! I was able to get things done! Well, not really. I laid on the floor and watched movies with Emma and did my Word Searches. LOL

She seemed to have had a good day. When I picked her up, she started crying. I thought she was going to tell me she missed me, but no. She cried because she had fallen down and hurt her knees. Who am I to think that my little girl actually missed me?!? She did say she doesn't want to go back tomorrow, but I convinced her that falling down once is no reason to stay home from school and she needs to go back tomorrow. Reluctantly, she agreed.

Waiting for the doors to open

Showing off her artwork after school

Friday, September 26, 2008


Thanks to my long-time friend, Brittany, (since Mrs. Henrie's 3rd grade class where we got in trouble the first day of school for talking to Eli Sutton too much!) I have decided to start the SBD, or for those of you who don't know what it is, the South Beach Diet. I tried it this week, and did pretty good, but decided that my official start date will be on Monday, when I can really get into it and get the right foods etc.

I ordered the book online at and it cost me more to ship it than it did to buy the book. The book itself was a penny, and shipping cost me $3.99, but who cares? $4 for a book is great if you ask me!

I started reading it, and well, sorry Brittany, but I skipped over the part where he rambled on and on about his cardiologist career and blah, blah, blah and went straight to the chapters that mattered. The food.

Grady has decided to do this with me. As Brittany says, the first 2 weeks, she calls the Angry Stage. I haven't gotten angry, yet, and maybe it's because I know I still have M&M's on my fridge. But after my kids eat them this weekend, I may become quite angry. Hope my family can deal with me for the next 2 weeks.

You can check out our progress on our other's posted under "My Blog List".

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mom Song

For all you mom's out there, you can relate. Even if you're not a mom, I'm sure your mom told you this a time or two...million.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heber Valley Camp

The view from our cabin

My mom's ward had a Mother/Daughter camp-out at the Heber Valley Camp this weekend. It was quite an experience! We didn't even leave Salt Lake until about 6:00 Friday night. My mom got out of work late then had to drive out to Tooele to pick up my niece, Ashlinn. The kids were hungry, so we stopped at McDonald's to eat (not exactly my idea if eating, but hey, the kids like it for some reason!)

We didn't have a problem finding the actual camp, but in the dark, it was sure hard to find where Mom's ward was. It took us almost 30 minutes, and when we did, the kids were all freezing cold and wanted some Hot Chocolate, which luckily, they had provided.

Payge by the firepit

Pyage, Eran, Emma and Ashlinn on the bunk bed

The cabins weren't bad, however they didn't have any mattresses. We were sleeping on wood, which we tried to soften with extra blankets, but that didn't work well either. It was a horrible, horrible night. Eran and Ashlinn wouldn't quit talking about Bears being in the woods, Emma and Payge fell asleep right away. At 3:00 in the morning, my mom woke me up to go to the bathroom with her because she didn't want to walk through the woods by herself. When we came back from the bathroom, one of the ladies in the cabin was snoring, Ashlinn moans in her sleep, and I laid there and listened to it. The lady that was snoring, got up when she heard Ashlinn moaning, flipped on her flashlight and asked Ashlinn if she was okay. My mom told her that she was sleeping, and then she told my mom how her daughter wet the bed one night because she couldn't get up to go potty fast enough. Who cares?!? It's 3 AM!!!

The lean-to that the kids found

Finally, morning came. We got up, ate breakfast, then told the girls we were going to go hiking. Ashlinn and Eran whined about it. They didn't want to go, but once we got going, they were excited to see what new bugs and flowers they could find. They did find a little lean-to that someone had built, and there was evidence of deer sleeping in it, so they thought that was cool.

My mom and Emma at our picnic

On the way home, the girls all complained about being hungry. We were going to stop at Jordanelle Dam, but ended up going on because there wasn't any "day parking" there. Instead, we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon and had a picnic at Ledgemere. We had to improvise, big time. I couldn't find the knife I brought for the sandwiches, so we used String Cheese (it was still in the package, don't worry!) as a knife to spread the Mayonnaise. We didn't have plates, so we pulled a blanket out of the van and used that as a tablecloth/plate for the kids.

The boys had their own little party. Grady slept in the living room in his tent, and they ate pizza, hot wings and Poppers and drank lots of Mountain Dew.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bride's Maid Dress

My sister calls me up yesterday and informs me that my bride's maid dress is at my mom's hanging in the closet and I need to pick it up and try it on. The bridal shop has to have it by the 22nd to do alterations, if they are needed. She tells me, "I all ready know yours won't fit you, so plan on taking it in." My thinking..."Is she telling me it's too small? I was measured for it! I had to stand in that shop while some woman wrapped her arms around me with a tape measure and touched my boobs!"

I did try it on. And guess what...she was right. It doesn't fit at all. I have to go in and get it altered because it's WAY to big! I was so excited! There's about 3 inches of room in my hips, and about 6 inches of room in the boobs! I was so happy that it was too big and not too small! Grady laughed hysterically at me, when I showed him.

I called Nikki back and told her it needed to be altered. When I told her how badly the front of it hung down below my boobs, she asked me why I didn't want to wear it that way. I told her I could, but I would take all the attention away from her, and I didn't think she wanted me to do that on her wedding day. She agreed with that. LOL

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding Shower Plans

If any of you have ever planned a wedding shower, or plan on giving one, just remember...TYPE YOUR INVITATIONS!!! My mom and I are planning Nikki's wedding shower for a week from now, and my job was the invitations. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Yeah right! My hand is killing me from writing down all the information and the addresses, and that's not all! My tongue is sore from licking those blasted envelopes!

I'm so, so, so glad that I won't have another wedding shower to plan for a long, long time. And when my kids get married, it's up to everyone else to plan the showers for them. I get to sit back and watch everyone else handle it while the girls do all the invitations on their own! MUA-HA! HA!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Emma's Fun Day In Surgery

What a day! It was so rocky at first, with not knowing yet if Medicaid approved the surgery. I called back at 9 this morning like they told me to, and she told me that they finally got the documents needed for Medicaid. Another girl was on the phone with Medicaid at that moment, and she said she'd call me back. Thirty minutes later, she finally called back and said they had to leave a message on someone's voice mail because she wasn't in yet, but to go ahead and go up to the hospital and plan on having it done. So we did.

We dropped Payge off at my mom's, headed to the store for a few things, then went up to the hospital. We got up there 45 minutes before she was due to register. So, I make a quick call to find out if it was approved. The lady I talked to said there was no definite answer yet. Angry, I called back the other girl I was talking with, and she informed me that she, personally, got a hold of this girl at Medicaid, and that it was a big huge YES! Talk about a close call!

The surgery went very well. They gave her some versed (pronounced VER-SAID) before she went in so that she wouldn't realize what was going on. Grady and I went to lunch, came back and read magazines and did word searches, until the doctor came and talked to us. When she left, a nurse came in and said that when she wakes up, one of us can go in. Grady said since he was staying the night, that I could go in and be with her until she's in her room. Not even 5 minutes later, she came back out and said Emma was awake.

Once we were in her recovery room, she was more awake and conscious of what was going on, and started asking for food. We ordered her favorite meal of all...chicken nuggets with Cheetohs, a Sprite and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert...and she ate it ALL. I was so proud of her. Below are a couple of pictures I took of her before I left to come home. I had to show the other kids that she was okay and not in any pain.

Here she is eating her tasty dinner

Still not quite awake, but at least willing to look at me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Postponed...Or Not Postponed?

That's the question for today. Is the surgery that was to happen tomorrow going to be postponed or not? I got a call from Primary Children's today. Told me that the authorization hasn't come through for the surgery yet. So, I call Medicaid. Medicaid says they haven't received anything about an upcoming surgery tomorrow. So, I make a call to the doctor's office, they sent me on to billing. Once I was with them, I sat on hold for what seemed like an eternity, and they told me that they haven't gotten the papers needed from the doctors to do the surgery, and that's why it hasn't been approved yet! I was so furious!

It's been 2 weeks since we've known the surgery was going to take place. They've had 2 weeks to get the needed paperwork from all the doctors and 2 weeks to get the approval! I have to call the office back tomorrow morning at 9 to see what's going on. She's supposed to be up to the hospital at 11:00, and she has to fast. I don't want to starve the poor girl if she's not going to go in!

Now, we have to sit and wait and wonder. Will she go in tomorrow? Or will we have to wait another 2 weeks?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"POP" Party

Yesterday, my mom and I took Emma to Primary Children's for what they called a "POP" Party. At first, I was unsure as to what to expect. First of all, "POP" stands for Pre-Op. They helped us all to understand what was going to happen with the surgery. They brought out dolls for the kids to see what they do with the thermometer, and the blood pressure cuff, etc. Emma had a blast. They even gave her some gloves, one of those blue hair nets, and even a mask to bring home. She looked so cute sitting there on the floor, looking like a doctor with her "patient".

It was nice to have some preparation for the surgery. My mind is more at ease to see what good hands my Miss Emma is in.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Payge!

Payge turned 4 years old today! She has been looking forward to her birthday for 2 weeks now. I think mainly because we took her 2 weeks ago to get her ears pierced. I was going to wait until this week, but my sister bought her some earrings to wear for her wedding in October, so we had to do it sooner. I didn't mind though. And she didn't seem to mind either.

Nanny and Papa bought her the new Little Mermaid movie, The Little Mermaid, Arie's Beginning and a new outfit, and of course, Princess shaped Graham Crackers.

Grandma and Boppy sent her some money to go buy what she wants, and she's all ready picked out the Mariposa Barbie to buy with that.

And her Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Banks also gave her some money to spend on her new Barbie.

If you haven't noticed all ready, she really loves Ariel. She was so excited to pick out her cake and had a hard time deciding between two of them. She finally settled on this one because it had a "shiny Ariel" on it.

It's hard to believe that she's 4 all ready, and getting ready to go to Preschool and soon after that, she will be going to Kindergarten.

Happy birthday sweetie! We love you!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Starting Over

Somehow, I accidentally deleted the other posts we put on here, so I'm having to start over. And, what better way to start over, then with FINALLY posting the pictures of the kids first day of school?!?

Eran started 3rd grade and Grady started 2nd grade this year. And starting on September 15th, Payge will go in to Head Start. Which means, I'll only have Emma home for half a day, 4 days a week!

What a couple of goofs...